Car Accident Injury, Whiplash Injury, Questions, Answers and Tips

Dr. Wade answers common Whiplash and Auto Injury Questions

Car Accident Injury 3 Phases of Healing


After an injury your body heals in three separate phases. How each phase heals will greatly impact if the problem becomes a permanent injury. In this interview Dr. Wade discusses how each phase of your body heals and what can be done at each phase to decrease the likely hood of a permanent injury.

How Car Accident Injury is Compensated


Car insurance compensates for permanent injuries as a result of a auto injury. Dr. Wade discusses the factors involved in how a a Whiplash or Auto Injury is compensated.

Should I Hire Car Accident Injury Attorney


Dr. Wade discusses the pros and cons of whether you should hire a personal injury attorney after suffering a car accident injury.

Will Insurance Rate Increase after Car Accident Injury Claim


A common question Dr. Wade receives from his patients after an auto injury is will my insurance rates increase. Dr. Wade discusses the significance of a rate increase relative to your car accident injury claim.

Repair Phase of Healing after Car Accident Injury


The repair phase of healing can have a significant role in determine if you will suffer from a permanent injury after an auto accident injury. Dr. Wade discuss the impact of treatment in the repair phase of healing after a car accident injury.

Remodel Phase of Healing after Car Accident Injury


After a auto injury your body will recover in the remodel phase. In this interview Dr. Wade remodel phase of healing will determine if the injured tissue will have any residual weakness or stiffness.