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If you’re suffering from low back pain chance’s are it’ from:

  1. Major trauma: Such as an automobile accident, slip and fall or blow to the body.
  2. Minor trauma: Such as bending, lifting or twisting one to many times.
  3. Genetic: Born with a spinal deformity.

Dr. Wade Explains the 3 Common Causes for Low Back Pain


A complete consultation and examination would determine the cause of your low back pain. Dr. Wallace Wade a Chiropractor in Citrus Park, FL 33625 area performs complete examination procedures to determine the cause of your low back pain. Dr. Wade will get to the root of your low back pain! More importantly he’ll help to alleviate it.

The diagnostic procedures include a complete consultation, orthopedic and neurological examination, range of motion study, x-rays, MRI, or a CAT scan if required.

The body’s response to pain is muscle tightening or spasm. Usually the muscle spasm is secondary to the underlying problem. The examination procedures would determine the exact cause of your low back pain, the severity, and if there is any permanent damage.

How Chiropractic Helps 3 Common Causes of Back Pain


Direct nerve damage or inflammation can cause low back pain and muscle spasm. The primary focus in treating your low back pain would be to decrease your pain and inflammation. In addition to treating the pain we would decrease any associated muscle tension or spasm.

Treatments and Therapy’s to Relieve your Back Pain

Chiropractic manipulation: Chiropractic manipulation for pain and inflammation has two direct effects.

  1. Acts as a mechanical joint pump. Moving the fluid out of the joints and tissues.
  2. Nerve impulse reset: Gentle chiropractic manipulation can reset the painful nerve impulses which cause your pain.

What is Electric Muscle Stimulation and What Can it Do?

Electric muscle stimulation mimics the body’s nervous system by sending safe, low frequency electrical pulses to the low back causing the muscle to contract and increasing temperature and blood circulation. The same natural process of the body to repair injuries works with EMS to relieve other common nervous system disorders, including constant muscle tightness, numbness of legs, and severe or chronic back pain.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation Relieves Back Pain


Interferential Current Therapy Relieves Back Pain

Interferential current therapy involves the placement of two electrodes on the skin at a painful area or the spinal nerve root associated with a painful region. Alternating currents of medium frequency are applied through the electrodes to the area. The currents rise and fall at different frequencies. It is theorized that the low frequency of the interferential current causes inhibition or habituation of the nervous system, which results in muscle relaxation, suppression of pain and acceleration of healing.

The pulsed mode can aid in reducing the swelling and inflammation in the tissue. The tetanize mode acts as an electric nerve block to stop your pain and thereby decreasing your pain.

How Interferential Current can Help Stop Low Back Pain!


Ultrasound: The pulsed mode of ultrasound acts as a mechanical sound massage to reduce your tissue swelling. Ultrasound will reduce inflammation in the low back are and works to reduce scar tissue. These two elements are the key to healing quickly and with minimum long term complications. You need to promote blood flow to get oxygen and nutrient rich blood to the injury and you need to constantly move out toxins and dead/damaged tissue.

How Ultrasound can Relieve Back Pain!


Spinal Traction – What It Does

Therapeutic spinal traction uses manually or mechanically created forces to stretch and mobilize the spine. Traction may alleviate back pain by stretching tight spinal muscles that result from spasm and widen intervertebral foramen to relieve nerve root impingement.

How Traction can Relieve Disc Pressure in Back Pain!


Intersegmental traction is a table that you lay down on (on your back) and there are rollers just underneath the surface of the table. These rollers are adjusted for your condition and weight to gently and specifically elongate and stretch your spinal joints and muscles. This benefits in reduction and prevention of muscle spasm and begins to reestablish normal range of motion for your spinal joints (each vertebrae).

When your muscles become more relaxed and vertebrae begin to move normally your vertebral discs now have their normal space and can return to their normal position and functioning. This also helps to prevent abnormal wear and tear on the vertebral discs and vertebrae which in turn prevent further injury and reduce the arthritis process.

Intersegmental Traction Helps Relieve Joint Related Back Pain


Ice pack: Used to constrict the vessels to decrease your swelling. Ice also acts to temporarily to reduce the nerve conduction signal which causes your pain. However, if used improperly ice can have a reverse effect and increase your pain.

Should I Use Ice or Heat? Dr. Wade Explains


Nutritional counseling: Specifically anti-inflammatory herbs, vitamins, and natural supplements.

Dr. Wade utilizes one or all of these methods as necessary

to treat your specific low back condition

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